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LOWA CLIMBING Team Emilie Gerhardt

Climbing as a way to discover the world

Climbing is a huge passion for 17-year-old Emilie Gerhardt from Pforzheim in the Baden-Würt­temberg region of Southern Germany. Emilie loves her athletic endeavour and pursues it actively in her free time when she is also following her second-biggest passion – travelling. For one of her big tours, she climbed one of the largest gorges in Europe – the Gorges of Verdon in the French Provence region. “It is an unbelievable feeling to have so much blue sky under the soles of your feet.” When it comes to sport climbing competitions, Emilie, who is with the youth team of the German Alpine Club (DAV) in Karlsruhe, doesn’t need to be shy either. Certainly, one of her greatest achievements is winning second place in 2013 in Saanich, Vancouver Island, Canada. For her first world cham­pionships, Emilie didn’t let any of the event hustle and bustle undermine her focus. She stayed relaxed through the whole thing and gained a spot on the podium even as a World Cham­pionships newbie. Whenever Emilie isn’t hanging from rock faces around the world, she’s standing on a slackline, meeting up with friends, or working on her newest passions of photography or shooting videos. After finishing secondary school as planned, she will have many oppor­tunities in 2017. But after her examinations are completed, she first wants to do some travelling.

Fatti e dati

Data di nascita:
Luogo di nascita:
Paese d’origine:
Proprietario di una palestra di arram­picata e Preparatrice di vie ferrate
Punto d’ar­ram­picata preferito:
Ticino, Tarn­schlucht e Grampians
Montagna locale:
1,70 m
55 kg

Emilie Gerhardt,
Qual è stata fino adesso la tappa più importante tra le tue arram­picate?

« Il primo itinerario 8a+. Un’altra esperienza fantastica è stata la mia prima arram­picata nelle gole del Verdon. Avere così tanta aria sotto i piedi è una sensazione incredibile. »